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Man uses samurai sword as weapon

Greene County, FL: Police say a Springfield man found his friend and girlfriend having sex at his apartment, then attacked the friend with a samurai sword. Adam I. Howland, 36, told police he got home Tuesday night and heard something in his bedroom, where he found his friend and girlfriend.

“Howland said he started assaulting (the man) by punching him several times,” a probable cause statement says. “Howland described himself as fighting like an ‘MMA’ fighter,” referring to mixed martial arts.

Police had spoken to the alleged victim at Mercy Hospital before visiting Howland. The man had “several serious lacerations on his body” and told police Howland had attacked him with “some type of machete.”

When police asked Howland about the cuts, he said he had used the sword to strike the man. “Howland said the sword was ‘bent’ from hitting (the man) and he was shocked that it cut (him) so deeply,” the statement says. “Howland said he could see (the man’s) muscle from cutting him.”

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Man arrested after stealing police car for joyride

North Miami Beach, FL: A man has been arrested and charged with third degree grand theft after he allegedly jumped into a North Miami Beach Police cruiser and took it for a joyride, Sunday afternoon.

Police said the marked police vehicle was parked on the south side of the North Miami Beach Police Station when the man entered the vehicle, which may have been unlocked, and located the car keys inside. The man then drove off with the police cruiser.

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Police find crack pipe in Florida man’s stomach

Fort Pierce, FL: A man with an apparent crack pipe in his stomach may have more to worry about than a case of indigestion. Law enforcement officials Aug. 16 discovered the crack pipe in Oliver Johnson’s stomach after Johnson was taken to the St. Lucie County jail, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

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Fort Pierce, FL: “It’s titty time, I’ll take everything off. I am getting arrested for indecent exposure! I’ll give you something to look at baby!” the woman is quoted as hollering. “I’ll take everything off! Oh, yes, baby I’ll take it all off OK.”

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