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Florida bank robber forgets photo ID inside bank

Seminole County, FL: The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gabriel Brignoni, 32, at his Debary home Monday.

The robbery happened Nov. 25 at the Wells Fargo located at 4005 W. Lake Mary Blvd in Lake Mary. Deputies said Brignoni entered the bank and tried to cash a check. The teller asked him if he wanted to open an account, then photocopied his driver’s license and social security card.

After issues with the check, the teller became suspicious and that’s when deputies said Brignoni reached over the counter and grabbed $867 and left on foot.

He was booked into the Volusia County Jail on a no bond status and on Thursday transported to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Seminole County.

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Man stabs brother over argument about proper silverware

Richland County, SC: Edward William Bright, 47, allegedly stabbed his brother repeatedly following an argument over which silverware to use for dinner, reported.

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Florida woman arrested for ninja star attack on brother

Indian River, FL: A knife-wielding woman threw several metal Ninja stars at her younger brother as she chased him down a Florida street late last night following a violent confrontation in their home, police allege.

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Man allegedly fakes seizure to get out of restaurant bill

Baltimore, MD: 46-year old Andrew Palmer has been arrested for a scheme in which he eats at a restaurant and then fakes a seizure at the end of the meal to avoid paying the tab.

He has been labeled “Dine and Dasher” by restaurant owners in the area; the scheme has gone on for years and he has served time in jail before. Recently he refused to pay a $50 tab at Viccino Jay’s Italian Gourmet; the night before paramedics were called to take care of him when he collapsed at Oliver Speck’s Restaurant.

The Huffington Post quoted the chef at Oliver Speck’s: ”The paramedics showed up and said, ‘Looks like our guy’s back. …”He would not wake up, and they were like, ‘Come on Andy, stop faking.’”

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