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Fake ghost hunters arrested for making meth

Caldwell County, NC: Three North Carolina men who said they trekked into the forest to look for ghosts were really making meth, according to a Caldwell County Sheriff’s release obtained by WCNC.

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Lego fanatic arrested for stealing bricks

San Jose, CA: Despite a high-profile job as a tech executive in Silicon Valley, Thomas Langenbach risked it all to steal thousands of dollars worth of Legos from Target stores.

Langenbach was convicted of burglary last Monday after pleading no contest in exchange for prosecutors dropping three other counts against him, according to CBS San Francisco.

The Lego enthusiast, whose job as vice president at SAP Labs’ Integration & Certification Center remains uncertain, was able to fool Target stores by sticking his own bar codes on toy boxes over existing ones. Langenbach’s fake bar codes allowed him to get the products at a much cheaper price.

In a 2012 report by Mercury News, investigators discovered a massive cache of Legos at Lagenbach’s $2 million home, and eight Ziploc baggies containing dozens of bar code stickers in his car. At his home, investigators described seeing “many, many sets of Legos that he had built” along with bricks separated by color, type and size.

Despite his sizable income and enough Legos to last a lifetime, Langenbach continued his scam and also took to the internet to sell off his stolen goods. Under the eBay handle “Tomsbrickyard,” Langenbach made off with more than $30,000, a report from Wired said. His eBay ratings were 99.9 percent positive.

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Woman tries to smuggle meth into jail in her dentures

Huntsville, TV: Brita West arrived at the detention center to marry inmate Willard Tinch on Sunday. As she was being searched, she inquired how she could kiss Tinch, local news outlet WBIR reported. A Scott County Sheriff’s officer noticed she had trouble keeping her dentures on, then spotted a package in her mouth.

The contents turned out to be methamphetamine and suboxone strips.

“I think that the Scott County Sheriff’s Department did a fine job detecting suspicious behavior and acting upon it,” Lori Phillips-Jones, district attorney general for Tennessee’s eighth judicial district, told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

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Woman shoots at car turning around in her driveway

Hawkins County, TN: 72-year-old Margie Rhea Ramey is accused of shooting multiple times at a family attempting to back up in the driveway of her home in Hawkins County, Tenn., according to

The incident happened Sunday when Oscar Scott, his wife and five kids were on their way home to Virginia after vacationing in Kingsport, Tenn., and got lost.

The road was narrow and he was forced to back up the Chevy Tahoe in Ramey’s driveway, which had a “no trespassing” sign.

During that split-second turnaround, a woman later identified as Ramey allegedly started shooting her .22 caliber rifle at the car from her porch.

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