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CA woman accidentally texts detective about drug deal

Nevada County, CA: Deputies in Nevada County, Calif., arrested Mulligan on Friday after she allegedly tried to arrange a drug deal with a friend through a text for fentanyl, an opiate similar to morphine.

The message was actually sent to a narcotics detective who decided to take her up on the offer and arranged a meeting, according to

She was arrested and charged with three felony counts, according to Nevada County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesman Lt. Steven Tripp.

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5 Comments on CA woman accidentally texts detective about drug deal

  1. I bet she’s president of the PTA at the school were her kid is an Honor Student……yeah, right…….

  2. Barker62 on October 21st, 2013
  3. Why would she have the cell number to a narcotics detective anyways?

  4. Caitlin on October 22nd, 2013
  5. Talk about a dum crakkka
    you crakkkas are nasty ass drug usin pink monkeys

  6. shareeka on October 22nd, 2013
  7. So, you think she asked “My bad, can I have a mulligan?”

  8. Dave on October 23rd, 2013
  9. See what drugs can do to a person? She looks like she was once an attractive woman.

  10. queenb on October 28th, 2013

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